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It’s no secret that business today is global. And as with diplomacy – trust, understanding and mutual interests are essential components to success. With over 175 nations represented by their diplomatic officials in Washington, DC – the world is here.

Recognizing the knowledge value of this dynamic diplomatic community, our programs provide constant and strategic intersection points – vital to international cooperation, trade, and economic opportunity. Establishing personal relationships is an imperative.

Make plans to attend our programs to contribute your expertise, interact with thought leaders, and help make our world a little smaller – one connection at a time!




Our workshops provide insights from relevant experts and knowledge sharing on timely global themes and topics.


Researchers, patent holders, and members of the diplomatic community will come together as we spotlight the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s Patents for Humanity Award, a USPTO competition addressing humanitarian challenges in medicine, nutrition, sanitation, household energy, and living standards. Program in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada. See more info and our photo recap.


As the concluding event of our EU-sponsored BILAT USA 2.0 grant, this program gathered major EU and U.S. stakeholders, researchers, policymakers, and innovators to explore and prioritize international science cooperation. See more info and our photo recap.


Following the success of our first digital diplomacy workshop, this year’s program led up to Washington’s dynamic May cultural events hosted by the embassy community. Attendees gained expert insights from foreign diplomats, State Department officials, international nonprofits, and more. See the full agenda and our photo recap.


As part of our BILAT USA 2.0 mission, we called attention to the 4th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT). Along with our BILAT partners, we held a joint EU-U.S. workshop entitled “Promoting Global IoT Success Stories” on October 8th from 3:30-7:00 PM, bringing together leaders in the IT community to discuss policy issues, address barriers, and identify joint projects to enhance EU-U.S. research cooperation and optimize the IoT economy.

Information here. Note that this conference was held in Cambridge, MA. See the BILAT EU-U.S. workshop agenda here.


Researchers, patent holders, and members of the diplomatic community convened in this timely luncheon & briefing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office spotlighting innovative models addressing humanitarian challenges. The USPTO Patents for Humanity Award deadline was extended to October 31st, allowing our participants to learn from the USPTO and participate in the program.

Please see the registration page for more information.


As part of our BILAT USA 2.0 grant, we were pleased to present a free workshop on Horizon 2020 and health research funding & partnerships.

The workshop was held on Friday, June 20th, 2014 in Boston, MA. Please see the registration page for more information.


We kindly thank keynote speaker Amb. Arturo Sarukhan and our expert panel for informative digital diplomacy insights. Click here for photos.

See our 2014 Twitter Guide optimized for DC cultural events for the month of May, including Passport DC, EU Open House, and the Embassy Chef Challenge.



Our distinguished luncheon series amplifies the reach of Washington’s foreign ambassadors as they spotlight national issues, timely developments, and priorities for international cooperation. Here’s a recap of recent programs.

Ambassador Figueiredo discussed Brazilian action on climate change, the COP21 negotiations, and his country’s economic growth. Obrigado, Ambassador! Click here for photos.

Ambassador Suleymanov discussed Azerbaijan’s recent growth and prospects for the future. Click here for our photo recap.

Ambassador Cely discussed smart FDI and highlighted Ecuador’s $4.4 billion in investment opportunities, human rights, and more. Many thanks to the Ambassador and our guests! Click here for photos.

We would like to thank Ambassador Faily and the program guests for the stimulating off-the-record discussion. Click here for photos.



Building on our strong relationships with Washington’s diplomatic and technology community, this series features Science & Technology Counselors from the foreign embassies in addition to influential government, university, and industry leaders.


Developed in conjunction with the embassies and their governments, this series educates audiences on country-led solutions and technology innovation, while promoting models for sustainable agriculture and international cooperation.


Though defense budgets world wide are shrinking – the security demands for international cooperation, joint development and shared R&D  – have rapidly increased. This series enables practical information sharing among foreign defense attachés, industry, and government. The focus is on highlighting defense acquisition programs from their respective nations, explaining requirements and identifying areas for enhanced security cooperation.


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