There are 29 million small businesses in the U.S., but less than 1% export their goods or services

Why? One of the biggest barriers is a “lack of country-specific information.” Facilitating connections between SMEs and embassies can bridge this knowledge gap. Sustaining these relationships helps maintain institutional memory and fosters an exchange of ideas that can enhance global partnerships, innovation, and shared solutions.

About Diplomacy Matters Institute

Diplomacy Matters Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to generating new platforms for meaningful dialogue among diplomats, government officials, academic experts and business leaders. Our programs and activities help foster international understanding, accelerate connections, improve information-sharing and increase economic opportunity. We accomplish this by tapping into the global knowledge base of more than 170 nations represented by foreign embassies in the United States.

Our areas of focus and expertise:


Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors provide valuable leadership, guidance and collective intelligence drawn from their respective fields and complemented by impressive professional accomplishments. We are honored to have their active support in the founding and growth of Diplomacy Matters Institute.


Terry Morgan

(Former) Director, Net-Centric Strategies, Global Space & Security Group, Cisco

An ardent advocate for the Internet as an enabler and catalyst for emerging markets, Mr. Morgan has educated numerous global military leaders on network-centric opportunities. His experience and engagements with foreign ministries of defense, governments and industry executives, world-wide provides valuable insight into today’s security and defense challenges.

Vice Chairman

Leonard Bull, PhD

Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University

Dr. Bull is a distinguished agricultural science expert. His extensive accomplishments in international research include establishing and chairing numerous programs for animal science, dairy and food research, agricultural and forest energy.


William Brem Morrison

Former Senior Executive Service Director, Department of Defense

As Fleet Manager for Atlas Air and Air Force Commander/Presidential Wing at Andrews AFB, Mr. Morrison is a proven leader in global government and corporate operations. His extensive experience and senior positions in government and military provide valuable insight into multinational cooperation and international development.


Sean Terry

First Vice President/Wealth Management, Citigroup Global Markets Inc./BANAMEX

Mr. Terry held senior embassy postings in Latin and South America under Secretaries of State William Christopher and Madeleine Albright. He is an expert in international engagement, government liaison and global financial markets.


Kelly D. Johnston

Vice President for Government Affairs, Campbell Soup Company

As former Secretary of the U.S. Senate with over 25 years of Washington experience, Mr. Johnston is a proven political strategist and provides seasoned insight into the workings of Congress, trade associations and the U.S. government. 



Lynn Van Fleit

Founder and Executive Director

With more than 25 years’ experience in the international and diplomatic community, Lynn is a trusted resource and global catalyst. She served as Vice President for International Diplomacy with The Catevo Group, an international public relations and marketing firm that merged with The Van Fleit Group, Inc., a firm she started in 1993 in to serve North Carolina’s technology and international markets.  Moving to the nation's capital in 1995 Lynn expanded the portfolio of services for international business, government and technology sectors, establishing significant forums, study-tours, and foreign missions to accelerate mutually-beneficial linkages.

Lynn served as deputy press secretary and congressional staff member for several members of Congress.  She is a member of the National Defense Industry Association, Northern Virginia Technology Association, North Carolina Technology Association and several international organizations and chambers.