Customized Trade & Export Webinars for Small Business

Trading in international markets, especially those recently opened by free trade agreements, offers small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) a significant opportunity for growth. In fact, according to recent data, "in 2012, U.S. merchandise exports to countries with which the United States has a free trade agreement (FTA) outpaced other markets nearly two to one."

Similarly, the U.S. recently signed agreements with Colombia, Korea, and Panama, bringing the total number of FTA countries to twenty. This provides SMEs even greater access to growing economies seeking quality U.S. products and services. Aiding these small businesses, the U.S. Department of Commerce and other government agencies provide resources and services to facilitate market entry.

The Expertise, Insight, and Resources Small Businesses Need – Now!

So why aren't more small businesses exporting? It's widely known that 95% of markets are outside the U.S., yet given the limited time and resources of typical small business owners, many may not be aware of these trade opportunities, much less have the information, or expertise required to expand into these markets.

To assist small businesses, Diplomacy Matters Institute (DMI) is offering customized trade webinars.

Our webinars help equip participants with knowledge and confidence to enter foreign markets. Features include:


Why Diplomacy Matters Institute?

Diplomacy Matters has the experience and expertise to advance your global expansion. With our strategic location in the greater Washington region, we have direct access to foreign embassies, U.S. government agencies, and major trade associations. These connections enable us to readily tap into a vast global knowledge base, providing small businesses with competitive insights and the know-how to succeed in the global marketplace. Furthermore, our longstanding relationships within the international and diplomatic community help forge those personal relationships, so essential to all business.
To learn how your region or company can benefit from a customized trade and export webinar, please contact us.